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I played soccer with my son. See Document numbering options. In fact she cried the first time we had sex because it was more of a mechanical act than an act of love.

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Go to the Insert tab, move to the Header and Footer area, and click on the little arrow at the bottom right of the Page Numbers button. This option is not available if certain options are selected for Icon Size. She concentrated on her studies and became a grade A student. To handle this, it is expected that the EditorKit.

Move the cursor down a few lines so it's in the new section you just created. Click the Breaks icon in the Page Setup group. Sure I was young, and my memories have faded over the years.

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And me too I guess, so I could keep my sanity. The kids love them both and they spoil our kids to death. He was also the leading scorer. In the Pages panel, select the pages to which you want to apply the color labels.

I had a bad childhood after Dad died and some crummy teenage years. Insert a Next Page type section break. I always thought that soft, romantic loving was what was required. This gives you three places where you can insert page x of y into your document.

Click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon. It also enables young people to choose a more vocational route if they wish at a local college. Move the cursor down a few lines so it's in the new section you just created.

I kept holding her hair in my fist as I drove my rock hard cock into her dripping snatch like an out of control steam piston. I stayed late a few nights. You can add a current page number marker to your pages to specify where a page number sits on a page and how it looks. The setText method can be used to initialize the component from a string.

But while it was something that she had probably already worked through, it was still very fresh in my mind. Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. There were times when my bitterness resurfaced and she just patiently let me vent for a while. Megan and I are already planning our retirement.

We had barely got naked and she was sucking my hardon like a horny prom date. They even paid for Jimmy to go to a soccer camp next year. From the Pages panel menu, choose Color Label, and then choose the color to assign. Megan was openly sobbing with happiness and so was my daughter. Eventually he just forgot about whatever issues me and his mother were having.

Megan stayed clear of me most of the time. When master pages are applied to document pages, the page numbering is updated automatically, similar to headers and footers. Once she was drunk her common sense was limited and she was vulnerable to flattery. My best memories of my childhood were when my Dad was alive and my Mother was not clinically depressed.

In Word versions earlier than Word How to add page numbers to your document 2 — advanced editing etc. Different first page can be applied to the first page of any section in your document, not just the very first page. It effectively morphs into the proper kind of text editor for the kind of content it is given.

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Because a page number marker updates automatically, the page number it displays is always correct—even as you add, remove, or rearrange pages in the document.

May 19,  · This resets the page number for your index page. You need to do exactly the same for your first actual page. That is, add another section break, edit the footer to turn off Link to Previous, edit the footer's page number to reset it to Resolved.

How can I get Word to label page 3 as page 1 and page 4 as page 2?

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