Ocean noise pollution

Submerged sperm whale off the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. Their vocal intensity increases in the presence of noise. The story of the mass beaching, one of many around the world, is part of a new documentary called Sonic Seawhich explains how human sound is transforming life in the oceans.

However, research has been done so far only about the noise and heart attack. This is the same frequency that resonates from many human-caused activities. Settlements should not be located at least within 20 kilometres from mining areas, and airports. It affects the peace of mind and invades the privacy of a human being.

Natural sources The natural environment is filled with various sounds — thunderstorms, lightning, tornado, cyclone, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, sounds produced by animals, and rapidly falling water.

We feel that more needs to be done to safeguard marine species and their most important habitats. In India, the noise of more than 75 decibels up to one meter distance from the source of the sound is illegal from 10 am to 6 am. Noise is generally harmful and a serious health hazard.

Use Noise absorbents in noisy machineries We can check for machineries which are creating noise due to vibrations and put some noise absorbents to reduce noise.

The effects of noise pollution are not as easy to notice as are the other more obvious and visible pollutants like oil spills and marine debris. However, Lucknow is at the second place with Hyderabad placed at the third slot in terms of noise pollution.

Its effects are more directly on the receiver i. In industrial cities like Kolkata, Ludhiana, Kanpur etc.

Marine Life Needs Protection from Noise Pollution

The immediate and acute effect of noise pollution is impairment of hearing i. Recent tests on one of the harbor porpoises revealed injuries consistent with acoustic trauma.

Intwo dead beaked whales were found stranded in the Gulf of California following underwater airgun blasts fired by a National Science Foundation-owned research vessel. High sound levels cause grey whales to deviate from their migration paths, the deviation being greater as sound intensity increases Tyack P.

How to Reduce Noise Pollution?

In addition, OceanCare is engaged in capacity building and awareness raising initiatives about this threat at regional, as well as global level. Third, there are already new techniques that use steady streams of energy at lower levels than air guns and which might help to reduce risks to marine species.

Lower the volume We can listen songs, radios, TVs in lower volume when listening from headphones or speakers. Most appallingly, sonar can directly injure whales — very often killing them — by causing hearing loss, hemorrhages and other kinds of tissue trauma, or by driving them rapidly to the surface or to shore.

Domestic gadgets like the mixer-grinders, pressure cookers, desert coolers, air- conditioners, exhaust fans, vacuum cleaners, sewing and washing machines are all indoor sources of noise pollution. Intensive plantation should be made in the entire building complex.

Data Protection Choices

The most notable of the deadly effects of noise pollution is that some species of whale die due to noise. But while the U. Even during air traffic, there should not be noise of more than 65 decibels; otherwise passengers may be in trouble.

Environmentalists and the United States government have battled in court for years over naval sonar, which can injure and kill dolphins and whales. In Washington, ferries are now using quieter propellers which, what do you know, also happen to be more efficient and save fuel.

Marine Mammal Commission Scientists are now working on the big question of which frequencies and at what levels noise negatively effects marine life. Some sounds are used with the intent to have a positive effect on the marine environment.

To go out there and survey the same piece of water over and over again is ridiculous. The use of sound absorber acoustic tiles should be encouraged in the construction of multi-storeyed buildings.

Hearing is generally as important to many marine creatures as sight is for humans. The sound effects of noise pollution caused by nuclear explosions spread through hundreds of kilometres so that biodiversity is threatened.

In India people need only the slightest of an excuse for using loud speakers. But measurement of sound in most big cities exceeds 90 decibels. Source of ocean noise pollution include everything from the ship noise to the low frequency sonar ‘sounds’ used extensively in submarine detection or even the seismic air gun noise from oil and gas exploration or even commercial shipping traffic and coastal jet ski traffic.

Dec 11,  · The project, by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, seeks to document human-made noises in the ocean and transform the results into the world’s first large sound maps. The study is the first to show severe impact from noise pollution on invertebrate species (we already knew about mammals like whales and dolphins), and sadly, because there is now more offshore.

Seismic noise from eastern Canada measured 3, km away in the middle of the Atlantic was the loudest part of the background noise heard underwater (Nieukirk et al. ). Ocean background noise levels have doubled every decade for the last six decades in some areas, mainly due to.

Noise pollution and the environment

Image via Wikipedia. We know that marine noise pollution from Navy ships and oil exploration vessels cause disorientation and death for whales and other marine species. Noise Pollution: Definition, Sources and Effects of Noise Pollution! Definition: Sound, a normal feature of our life, is the means of communication and enter­tainment in most animals, including human beings.

NOISE POLLUTION Ocean noise pollution
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How to Do Your Part to Prevent Ocean Pollution: 7 Steps