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It is therefore interesting to consider what it is about these methods that mean that the knowledge they generate is often regarded as more reliable than those employed by other AOKs. A theory that is not backed up with much evidence from experiments and data is not usually regarded as very scientific.

Any other WOK can be used too. These are disagreements in an academic context, like when researches or scientists argue amongst themselves.

But natural sciences were not always as highly regarded. You are required to examine the statement in detail, looking at the statement from several perspectives.

This theory is called the Level of Processing theory of memory3 and is widely accepted today. Western civilisation went through a major cognitive paradigm shift around the 17th Century. Science had to fit in with the world view of the time and not the other way around.

What’s the IB TOK link between the arts and the natural sciences?

They are very logic, and are usually supported with evidence and reason. And as our scientific knowledge advances, we have to revise previous ideas.

A bomb based on this principle would be a devastating weapon. Not all current scientific theories will be accepted in the future and it is perhaps a good thing that experts often disagree within a disciple. Discoveries in its field have helped us to understand better what drives us as human beings, how our planet has evolved and even what the universe may look like.

Franklin on the other hand was already dead. This is partly due to its relatively recent successes and achievements. It feels fairly plausible to expect a neutral observation, controlled conditions and the possibility of repeated experiments to test results objectively.

As seen in the Bohr-Einstein debate, where Einstein tried to convince Bohr that the uncertainty principle is not true by claiming to have found solid thought experiments that seemed to violate it, we can see that if Bohr had not given the counter-arguments which he did also using classical conservation lawsthen others might have accepted debatably Einstein's reasoning.

It must be controllable, measurable, and repeatable to be considered a valid theory. These are typically productive academic arguments.

I believe that natural science and human science are very much related, and they can support each other. But we have also seen how the knowledge has been misused.

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The question acknowledges that the four traditional Woks are not the only ways of knowing available, but they are the most common and easily accessible to all.

This may be true in some cases, but we cannot deny that quite often, disagreements can lead to new knowledge. In this way there are rich opportunities for students to make links between their science and TOK courses.

David Edgerton, professor of the history of science and technology at Imperial Collegemade two points:. TOK: Human Sciences vs. Natural Sciences by Joey on January 21, By definition, human science is the study and interpretation of any experiences, phenomenas or objects associated with.

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Tok Natural Science - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Theory of Knowledge “In what ways may disagreement aid the pursuit of knowledge in the natural sciences?” disagreement can aid the pursuit of knowledge in natural sciences.

The first. Start studying TOK The Natural Sciences.

What is this thing we call science? Here's one definition ...

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Natural science, for the purpose of this essay, is defined as a science “a branch of science which deals with the physical world, e.g. physics, chemistry, geology, biology.” Natural sciences are needed in the understanding of the natural world and new knowledge in this area can be accelerated with the proper accompaniment of disagreement%(1).

In TOK we look at the difference between natural sciences, human sciences and pseudo-science. We also make links between natural sciences and other areas of knowledge.

We evaluate the role of the ways of knowing in the natural sciences as well. Knowledge framework for the natural sciences Knowledge framework: the natural sciences The ‘knowledge framework’ is designed to help students explore, discuss, and form an understanding of each of the eight areas of knowledge.

TOK: Human Sciences vs. Natural Sciences Tok natural science and pursuit of
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Disagreements in the Natural Sciences by Talia Meeuwissen on Prezi